Monday, 20 July 2015

Reunion 2015

When school friends after decades meet,
It is, indeed, a sweet treat.
It is icing on the cake of life,
Momentarily ones forgets one is a mother and a wife.

As we all go down memory lane,
It is, as if, we are in school again.
Long forgotten anecdotes are revived,
That was our life and we survived!

Memories of beloved teachers are stirred up again,
It's clear their lessons were not in vain.
A faded uniform is dredged up by a mother now grown old,
The sight of it is more precious than gold!
The miracle is, in it, our friend still fits,
From her we surely need some diet tips!

On the surface we may seem just the same,
But life's not always been a smooth game.
Greying hair, a wrinkle, an extra pound or may be a few,
We've gone too far to step back into that Bata shoe.

Girls of fifteen sixteen we are no more,
Some hearts among us will be forever sore.
A mother, oft times a father, did not see their girl as a blushing bride,
And yet the daughters took it in their stride.

A husband gone to the Maker far too soon,
What happened to that wedding boon?
A child snatched back by the Gods,
Who knew life came with heart wrenching odds?

A special child needs his mother's constant attention and lots of care,
But then we didn't know life wasn't always fair.
For yet others separation and divorce loom,
They never imagined this when they garlanded their groom.

The brightest amongst us is already a Star,
Did she look down and witness our reunion from afar?
One day we will tell her daughters their mother will always be missed,
Of her virtues, to them, we will read out a list.

Did we realize on that long ago glorious March day,
That LIFE, not us, would have the final say?

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