Sunday, 17 July 2016

Raising Empathetic Children

An empathetic person is someone who can share another person’s feelings. If you tell an empathetic person that your heart is broken, she might touch her own heart and gaze at you sadly through moist eyes.’

I personally feel the world is going through the toughest times we have known so far. Everywhere we look, there seems to be tragedy and heartbreak, either created by man (think terrorism), or entirely accidental (premature death due to accidents and illnesses) or as a result of the havoc that nature wreaks at times when she thinks she can’t take it anymore (think earthquakes and floods). Or is it that every generation goes through this and feels they have it worse than anybody else?
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A Birthday Up Above

The last of the single digits,today she would have been all of nine,
Instead, a sparkling JEWELL is celebrating her special day in Heaven Divine.
She must be dressed in a gossamer party dress very fine,
And other angels, to wish her, are standing in a line...

But here on Earth, with a heavy heart and a teary eye,
It's a struggle not to break down and cry.
This summer/monsoon day seems so very long,
And yet the family stands tall and strong.

Across two oceans prayers and wishes we do send,
To His will we must all bow and bend.
Anna loved scrambling up every tree,
So, in India, we've planted one in her memory.

Anna's tree on our plot in Teak County, near Pune, India.
Planted by my son in memory of his friend's sister on the occasion of her 9th birthday: 17th July 2016

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