Thursday, 8 September 2011

Its been a month....

Yes,today its actually been a month since we left our dear hometown Pune to begin our adventures in the Kenyan kapital Nairobi and I thought its a good day to take stock.If there is one thing that stands out about Nairobi ,its the cold!It seeps into your bones,wracks your throat,creeps in under your blankets and makes you feel your age!Specially for us Punekars for whom a severe winter is the equivalent of a hot Russian summer.Africa and cold?Its the usual incredulous reaction but yes it is!
The children like children around the world have been able to adapt and adjust(the favourite Indian word specially when it comes to scounting for a good daughter in law!)since day one.They have taken to Nairobi like a parched throat takes in water.To look at them it seems as if they have been living here all their lives never mind the cold!
The location of their school is on the outskirts of the main city and it was once a coffee estate!Its beautiful,open,green and cold!!The drive to their school is even more lovely as it takes them through a wooded valley,thousands of flowers and some of the most beautiful bungalows and villas we have ever seen.I hope they remember this sight all their lives and if ever, God forbid, they are feeling down and low this scenic beauty should leap up before their eyes and, like Wordsworths daffodils, their hearts with pleasure fill!

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