Thursday, 17 July 2014

Hide And Seek

Childhood memories surface 
Of damp, dank June days....
Of paper boats and puddles
Of high and happy spirits.

Inhaling the fragrance of wet earth
Twirling a bright umbrella,
Seems but a distant dream.
And thick dust cloaks everything.

Getting tangled with my gloomy thoughts,
Dark clouds hover
Across my city's barren horizon,
Bringing a promise of rain.

Scraggly trees, dry as bone,
Surreptitiously straighten themselves,
Hoping to wash off
The dust of a summer passed.

A few drops fall
And glisten on a thirsty leaf,
And my heart lifts up,
Only to slump again.

A brisk breeze blows
Through the trees.
The dark clouds scurry away,
The meagre raindrops hurry away.

Grey dust still clings to the trees.
I can taste it on my tongue.
I feel that yet again,
Summer has begun...


  1. Thank you so much. Pune is now getting water only on alternate days due to rainfall deficiency.

  2. Very nice....truly depicts what we are going through


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