Monday, 28 December 2015

God's Christmas Angel

Sometimes I wish I could just see what's written ahead on my own blog. If only I could have seen ahead to what is my 100th post... Maybe then we could prevent such tragedies from happening? But that's not the way God meant us to lead our lives and so we have to take one day at a time...
The little girl I asked you all to pray for yesterday is no more. She has gone to her Maker. Please continue praying for her parents and her three siblings and their extended family in the United States, as they try to cope with their little girl's loss.

God's Christmas Angel
On Christmas afternoon a little girl fell down and hurt her head,
For forty eight hours she lay on a sterile hospital bed.
Inside her brain, she had bled.

God sent Kenya's best neurosurgeon to remove the clot,
For two days, for her life, everyone fought.
The world over thousands of people went down on their knees,
Beseeching the Almighty to save her life, please.

Her parents maintained a vigil round her bed,
Their hearts growing heavier than even lead.
Her brave siblings were the epitome of calm,
I desperately wished I could offer them a balm.

But God had decided he needed his Angel back,
Maybe in heaven even He felt her lack?
She was just eight, not even the much awaited ten,
But her family knows they will meet in heaven again.

The years will fly by, her siblings will grow,
But in their hearts her parents will always know,
Their bubbly eight year old is beyond all sorrow.
And they will see her in God's promised tomorrow.

I will see the little girl in her mother's beautiful smile,
My son will see her in her brother, as together they run the Mile.
I have known them for just two months, not more,
And yet my own heart is terribly sore.

I wish someone or something could help ease their pain,
Actually, I just wish their baby would come to life again...


  1. May God help Anna's parents to accept their loss.

  2. I was touched and saddened after reading your poem. One can only pray for the family and wish one could do more.

    1. That is exactly what I kept saying. I wish we could do more...


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