Sunday, 5 April 2020

Work From Home

Work from home?
Work from home?

This is a concept I implemented eight years ago,
So I am completely in the know!
The power to set your own work time,
Is something that is absolutely sublime!

No students and parents to actually meet and greet,
My Skype classroom's virtual, wow, that's so neat!
And so I was in my own zen zone,
Very happy to teach a hundred plus students from home!

And then, a virus rapidly invaded our lives,
On OUR respiratory system it was sharpening its knives!
Study and work from home became the new decree,
As from schools, colleges, malls and offices folks began to flee.

Suddenly I had THREE extra people working from our home,
And every surface was covered by a medical tome!
But, about the virus, none of them gave even a clue,
The disease, you see, is absolutely brand new!

There is a huge load on our formerly fast net connection,
And our daughter's begging for a net coverage extension!
Her classes, seminars, webinars are all online,
And medical students are expected to sharply toe the line!

The daughter's college uses Moodle,
The son's classroom relies on Google,
The husband's meetings are all on Zoom,
Learning and working virtually has hit a new boom!

All these super busy folks have invaded my lair,
On some days, I just wish they would get out of my hair!
There's been an encroachment on my work space,
I'm suddenly seeing too many people face to face!

The children are scarfing down food faster than I can cook,
And, in between, they disappear into a virtual book!
Coffee shops cannot match the beverage level I currently serve,
They claim, to study and work online, it gives them verve!

But, at a deeper, inner level, I'm SO glad they are all safely home,
While the virus outside can freely rage and roam!
For, with our current lifestyle, it will have no place for incubation,
And, very soon, will face complete annihilation!

Meanwhile, also do pray, for those who cannot at home stay,
They are out there, fighting to keep our dragons at bay!
Essential services workers, policemen, doctors and medical personnel on duty,
Their dedication to service is a thing of beauty!

We must, to God, very sincerely pray,
To keep us safe and sound to see another day!
Meanwhile we will study, work, exercise, cook and eat at home,
While outside, the virus at its greedy mouth, does froth and foam!


                                                    (And DON'T let this get on your face!)


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you SO much M mami and thanks to our mutual writing challenge, this was possible! Miss you.

  2. This is awesomely written and expressed.


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